We Are Proud to Offer Sedation Dentistry

A dental practice is only as good as the experience it creates for its patients. You could be the most talented dentist in the world, but if you focus only on skill, you’re missing the full picture. Dentistry isn’t just about filling cavities. It’s about making patients feel comfortable, listened to, and cared … CONTINUE READING


What Every Parent Needs to Know About Family Dinners

The family dinner is a staple of years gone by. These days, the only time you see a family sit together and break bread seems to be at Thanksgiving. This is a shame, because regular family dinners are incredibly important! It’s a time to bond with your loved ones that can have a positive impact on your kids’  … CONTINUE READING


What You’ll Prefer About Electric Toothbrushes

You know brushing your teeth for two minutes twice a day is essential to maintaining your oral health. What’s open to more debate, though, is which tool is better at cleaning your teeth: manual or mechanical … CONTINUE READING

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